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Big Shears Story

img.jpgBig Shears are absolutely the finest, most effective trauma shears available in the EMS industry to date.  A California Paramedic who recognized the need for better, reliably tough trauma shears for emergency situations in which only the most effective tools will meet the challenge.

Big Shears are German made trauma shears, and the standard equipment for the German Red Cross and the majority of German emergency service agencies, including fire departments. Paramedic Mike Schulz brought these indispensable trauma shears to the national spotlight and countries around the globe and now offers them for sale to Fire Fighters, EMS professionals, and other Medical Providers.

He has added Big Shears accessories to his line, including The Big Shears Holster for keeping your trauma shears protected and close at hand, and Big Shear Juice, a quality oil for maintaining ultimate performance of your shears. Other related items in the Big Shears catalog are the Valiant II Cardiology Stethoscope, and the EMS Penlight with teardrop light/lens. 

Schulz believes that only with the appropriate, most effective tools available can emergency medical personnel deal swiftly and effectively in trauma situations, as his own story illustrates:

"I was dispatched to a call that I will never forget. There was a young motorcyclist who was in traumatic full arrest. He was tragically struck by an eighteen wheeler truck. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the rider’s body in between the rear tires of the truck. The body had stopped the back tire by wedging itself up between the wheel well and the tire.

This particular rider was wearing riding gear: thick leather and Kevlar! While my Firefighter friend was getting an airway established, I was attempting to cut the riding gear off. The blades kept getting kinked in the gear and time was ticking by. The second ambulance arrived with one my close friends and mentors in tow. 

“Looks like you’re having a tough time,” he said in an understanding tone. 
“I hate these shears,” I said, frustrated and fed up.

He told me to try his tauma shears, as he handed them over. As soon as I held them I knew instantly that THEY WERE DIFFERENT!! They cut quickly and clean. They zipped right through the riding gear without a problem.

After the call, I asked my friend where he got his shears. He replied that he bought the trauma shears while on vacation in Germany. He saw them on a tour of a German fire department.

Now, those who know me know that I will not stop until I get what I want. I went on a search to find these trauma shears and finally got a hold of the manufacturer and bought my pair. I haven’t looked back at those dull old standard trauma shears ever again!"
 –Mike Schulz

Big Shears now offers Big Shears Truma Shears, Big Shears accessories, the Valiant II Cardiology Stethoscope, and the Penlight to the Fire Fighting and EMS community at large. Order yours today!

The new and best standard for Trauma Shears!